You don't need more to be financially free. You need ENOUGH.

Grab my short yet powerful guide (with fancy worksheets!) so you can stop stressing about how much money you need and start using what you have right now to get what you want.

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    Sarah Li-Cain

    Finance Writer and Accredited Financial Counselor Candidate

    Hello, I'm Sarah!

    I’m a finance writer, soon-to-be-financial counselor and host of Beyond The Dollar, a podcast where we have deep and honest conversations about how money affects your well being. My work has been featured in places like Redbook, Inc., Kiplinger, Bankrate, Investopedia, Business Insider and the Financial Planning Association.

    I’ve cried about money. I’ve laughed about it. I’ve finally learned it’s not about the numbers, but how we trust ourselves and the ability to ask for what we want. Most importantly, I’m still figuring all this out along side you.

    What will I learn in the guide?

    Your "enough" number is a benchmark to reach for that's totally individual for your specific life. As in, once you figure out what'll make you feel the most confident, comfortable and happiest in your life, you can cultivate that feeling to calculate a budget or number to help you get there.